DJ vs. Live Entertainment

      There are several points in the event planning process that can be stressful. Choosing your entertainment should not be one of them. When deciding what direction to go in, there are a few pros and cons to consider for whether you choose a DJ or Live Entertainment for your party. 



         The most popular option our couples tend to go for is the DJ. We have an established relationship with our in house entertainment here at Legacy Farms. One of the best parts in our experience working with a him is the personalized experience a he can bring to the table. During the planning process, a DJ may have several meetings with you and will get to know you and your style. They can bring their personal connection with you and your partner to the microphone to offer optimal entertainment for you and your guests.

      A DJ's equipment is often times versatile enough that it can assist in amplifying your ceremony as well as your reception. Many are able to go through play lists and offer a variety of songs to meet your needs. That means if you are ready to Juju on that beat, they can make it happen!


       A great DJ relies on a great personality. It is imperative that they are able to engage your crowd and feel out the best times to make announcements, change the mood, etc. Being able to anticipate what should happen next to keep the party alive is a natural gift and not one that can be easily obtained. Choosing your DJ should be done with as much careful consideration as any other important detail chosen during the planning process. 

~Live Band~


       A live band can offer the experience of pure entertainment to your guests. Live performers will do just that, perform! Even your guests who won't be getting up on the dance floor, will enjoy the show. Often times, live bands present a personalized and specific style that creates an instant fan base your guest will rave over. 

         Live bands have live personalities that can light up a room. Your guests will love the interaction and one of a kind experience a band can offer. Nothing gets a crowd up and dancing like a great show! No need for any improvisation with a band, they are generally well rehearsed professionals that have no problem wowing a crowd. 


        This option tends to usually be more expensive. While the experience can be unique, there is often times need for breaks, causing a break up in the performance. Bands are usually comfortable with a certain style and only perform that style limiting your song choices and change ups during the party. Many of the typical wedding reception dances that gets everyone out of their seats are not in a live band's playlist of options. 

          Generally, a couple usually knows exactly what type of entertainment wanted prior to going into the planning process. Whether it is a DJ or Live Band you can't go wrong if you have a fun and happy crowd! Take the time to consider you and your guests personalities to decide the best fit for both. Happy Planning!

Reception Guests

~Special thank you to Nashville Wedding Collection and Zach and Sarah Photography for their photographic contributions. Legacy Farms in house entertainment is by Party Patrol Entertainment. 


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